PlayTraffic Upsell

PlayTraffic Upsell, Front End and DownSell: There is a front end offer and 5 one time offers with 1 downsell.Front End is Elite, 1st PlayTraffic Upsell is Pro Version, 2nd Upsell is Agency License, 3rd Upsell is bundle of TubeRank Jeet and TubeTraffic, 4th is YouTube Marketing RoadMap, 5th is PlayTraffic Reseller, DownSell is Ace. Please see all the details and links below!

PlayTraffic Upsell

Playtraffic Front End (Elite One Time and Monthly):

Playtraffic Upsell 1 (Pro One Time and Monthly):

DownSell 1 (Playtraffic Ace):

Upsell 2 (Playtraffic Agency):

Upsell 3 (TubeRank Jeet and TubeTraffic):

Upsell 4 (YouTube Marketing Roadmap):

Upsell 5 (Playtraffic Reseller/WhiteLable):

PlayTraffic Front End – View it Here >>>

PlayTraffic Front End: Get Ready For The Video Traffic Boom,
Playtraffic Makes It Incredibly Easy To Get Traffic From Playlists,
Give yourself a big traffic boost by getting traffic from YouTube playlists,
Rank for keywords that you cannot ever rank for with keywords,
Get traffic from people who are looking specifically for playlists,
Get 100% organic traffic that costs nothing at all,
100% Fresh software + training. There’s nothing that does this in the market.

Make Playlist Marketing Your Secret Sauce, Powerful software to make playlist marketing easy, Comprehensive training teaches you Playlist Marketing, 100% Fresh traffic source that no one has tapped, Ranks you even if you don’t have a top channel, Get views without spending any money or ads

The Three Step Playtraffic Playlist Magic Get Better Results Faster:

Step 1: Get Playlist topics with Playtraffic’s powerful niche keyword finder
Step 2: Find & add videos with one-click
Step 3: One-click to publish Playlists instantly or to schedule them

Claim Top Rankings & Traffic Easier With Playtraffic:
Easily find tons of, perfect, Playlist ready keywords with just one click.
Find YouTube videos from any niche online to put in your playlists.
Create playlists containing your own videos and other people’s videos easily.
Publish playlists to YouTube directly from within the software.
Full support for scheduling. Publish playlists now or any time in the future.
Powerful reporting shows exactly how many playlists were created and scheduled.
Create and publish playlists to multiple channels all from one interface.

PlayTraffic Upsell 1 – View it Here >>>

PlayTraffic Upsell 1: Go Pro & Put PlayTraffic On 100% Auto + Modify Existing Playlists
Boost Your Playlist Traffic Without Working For It

Powerful Features You’ll Find Only In Playtraffic Pro:
Automation – Make Playtraffic create and publish your playlists on hands-free mode. Not even a single click required. You get perfect optimization everyday.
Manager – Modify and manage even the existing playlists of any channel. Continuous flux improves the freshness ratio and makes you rank higher.
More Campaigns – Get traffic for more channels with support for up to 25 campaigns. Elite had support only for 3.
More Channels – With Pro, you can add up to 20 channels. With Elite you only get 5.

3 Licenses – Get 3 license key codes. Run it on your laptop and your 2nd PC.
2 Years Free Upgrade – Stay protected from API changes. 2 Years of free upgrade brings you the latest features always.

PlayTraffic DownSell 1 – View it Here >>>

PlayTraffic DownSell 1: Get a steal of a deal on pro-class features & capabilities

PlayTraffic Upsell 2 – View it Here >>>

PlayTraffic Upsell 2: Earn a paycheck from playtraffic today without creating a single video, UNLEASH Mega Profits From The Local Market
You can charge your customers more and sell this as an upsell to your standard digital marketing services.
You can add this as a USP and steal business from other digital marketing providers who’re not smart like you.
You can rejuvenate dying and old clients by adding playlist marketing to your client’s YouTube and giving them a big traffic boost.

PlayTraffic Upsell 3 – View it Here >>>

PlayTraffic Upsell 3: Don’t Just Dominate Playlists, Dominate Keywords & Also Track Your Winnings
World’s Favorite YouTube Optimization Tool & The Most Powerful YouTube Rank Tracker
Get perfect titles, descriptions & tags,
Tells you how easy or hard it is to rank for any keyword,
Intelligent analyzer tells you what to do to rank,
Upload videos directly from Tuberank Jeet after optimizing,
Supports multiple YouTube channels,
Runs on your Desktop PC

PlayTraffic Upsell 4 – View it Here >>>

PlayTraffic Upsell 4: You’ve Got The Best YouTube Tools Now Get The Training To Make Them Lethal. The Sharpest Sword Is Worth Nothing If You’re NOT Trained.

PlayTraffic Upsell 5 – View it Here >>>

PlayTraffic Upsell 5: Sell PlayTraffic & Keep 100% of the profits all for yourself, Time to be in the best business of the world. Be The Owner Or The Promoter. You Choose, Two Powerful Options To Choose From Whitelabel & Reseller
Playtraffic Reseller Option: No Need To Spend On Copy, Graphics Or Videos, Just Start Selling & Making Money Instantly Without Doing Anything Else. You get paid for every sale you refer in a 100% transparent manner

Playtraffic Whitelabel Option: Own Playtraffic & Sell It In Your Name.Get Whitelabel Rights & Sell Playtraffic As A Product You Created Yourself. We will create a custom version of Playtraffic just for you, You only have to pay us for the whitelabel and nothing ever after, Manage your customer licenses using our admin interface, Choose your own product name and use own logo, Sell to your list, or through advertising, Sell any price that matches ours or is higher than ours

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